The Best Bike Trails in Allegheny County

There are so many great biking trails in Allegheny County it can be difficult to know just where to start! Here is our guide to the very best bike trails in the area so you can get out in the open air and enjoy the amazing scenery.

The Montour Trail

The 55-mile-long Montour Trail has to be high on your list of trails to ride in Allegheny County. It is suitable for the beginner, but also has much to offer the more experienced rider. The trail is part of the Great Allegheny Passage, but if you do not want to commit to the full 150-mile experience, this is a great trail to experience.

montour trail photo

Photo by MissMessie

There are plenty of outstanding things to see on the Montour Trail. The McDonald Viaduct is a highlight. It is almost 1,000 feet long and offers breathtaking views from the top. It crosses over the Panhandle Trail, which you can join at this point if you want to.

The National Tunnel is another attraction of the Montour Trail. It is 600 feet long and as it is curved you cannot see the exit when you first enter. There are lights in the Tunnel, but it is still a slightly challenging ride, particularly in the winter. When the temperature drops icicles can form in the ceiling and ice can cover the floor – so be extra careful.

The Three Rivers Heritage Trail

three rivers heritage trail photo

Photo by Allie_Caulfield

This is a very easily accessible trail. It runs for 22 miles in urban Pittsburgh and offers walkers and cyclists a trail which runs along the Ohio, Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. The trail is flat and very accessible for everyone. It is a wonderful way to spend some time seeing the picturesque rivers. It is difficult to believe that this tranquil trail is right in the heart of Pittsburgh.

The Great Allegheny Passage Trail

If you want something a little more challenging you will want to plan a trip on the Great Allegheny Passage Trail. This is a 150-mile trail which passes through some very beautiful scenery. The Trail runs from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland Md.

It is a very accessible trail with small towns located about every 10 miles along the trail. You can plan to ride the whole trail or just a part of it. There are some spectacular highlights to the trail which include The Big Savage Tunnel. This is the longest tunnel on the Great Allegheny Passage and has amazing views from the South End. It is closed from the middle of December to the middle of April due to the dangers of the ice which forms in the Tunnel.

Sandy Creek Trail

The Sandy Creek Trail runs through some stunning areas of natural beauty. It is just 12 miles long, and has a good asphalt surface. The Sandy Creek Trail passes over 7 bridges and through a tunnel. The appeal of the trail is that it is suitable for beginners and more advanced riders who simply want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.