Planning Your Bike Ride on the Great Allegheny Passage – Part Two

Planning your Great Allegheny Passage ride? Here we continue with part two of our planning guide. Read the first part here.

Cumberland will probably be your starting point – it is relatively easy to find a hotel or bed and breakfast to stay for the night.

Frostburg is only 16 miles in to the trail, but if you are starting out later in the day on your bike ride it can be a good first stop. There are lots of places to stay and eat in Frostburg. There are chain hotels and bed and breakfasts available, and plenty of places to enjoy a meal or pick up food for a picnic.

great allegheny passage photo

Photo by jmd41280

Meyersdale is also a good place for a first stop. It is 32 miles along the trail so it a logical stopping point for a first night if you are going at a reasonable pace. You won’t find any chain hotels here but there is a good selection of bed and breakfasts.

If you want to push a little further on the first day or are taking it at a more leisurely pace for the second day Rockwood is also a good bet. You will find some very nice bed and breakfast places to stay in this nice little town.

Confluence is 60 miles along the trail so is another logical stop for day two. Even if you do not plan to stay overnight here, it is a good place to stop for lunch. It is a pretty, small town and well worth spending a little time exploring.

great allegheny passage photo

Photo by Jason Pratt

Ohiopyle is at mile 72. This is a very popular town at the weekend as it is a major center for whitewater adventurers. Ohiopyle can be absolutely packed on the weekend. There are a number of very nice bed and breakfasts, but you do need to be sure that you planned ahead as they are often booked ahead of time.

You may want to skip the next couple of towns, Connellsville and Dawson. The next place to stay, West Newton is 116 miles along the trail. This is a good place to stop, but again, book ahead as there are only very limited places to stay.

Boston is 130 miles along the way. This may be another place to pass by. McKeesport is just a little further, at the 134-mile mark, but really has no places to stay and nothing to see. Duquesne at mile 140 is somewhere you should not have on your list of places to stop either.

Fortunately at mile 144 you will find Homestead. There are plenty of options for lodging here if you want to stay, but you will most likely want to press on ahead the final 6 miles to Pittsburgh. Once you are there you can of course congratulate yourself. You made it all the way along the Great Allegheny Trail.